About PeakLadies


peakladiesSandra Uchechi (Founder) is a Lady with the vision of giving voices to the oppressed. She also has a passion of giving meaning to lives which drove into fueling her vision for the PeakLadies Project.

As a lead to her passion for the PeakLadies, the following event ensued. This is her story…

On a sunny afternoon, She bumped into an old lady friend of her’s. This friend of her’s was frustrated; she just got pregnant from a rape incident. Devastated she was!

This lady was in her 3rd year at the university, and it felt like the whole world was crumbling on her. The rape and the unwanted pregnancy was just too much for her to bear.

The consequence of this frustration and devastation was the recurring thoughts of suicide.

She felt dejected and rejected as even friends and families stood distant from her. There came the stigma. She just needed to pour out her heart.

She needed to confide in someone!

On a different event, she(the founder) met with another lady whom she barely knew at an event. The lady just got married, scarcely two years, and was already contemplating a divorce. Marriage is hell, she said.

After a brief discussion with her(the lady), she found out that the lady needed a solicitor. Secondly, the lady had issues of appreciating her life. She was having difficulties in trying to love and understand her being.

The marriage wasn’t the main issue for her decision to initiate a divorce.

On these different occasions, she had to counsel these ladies; she had these recurring thoughts in her head:

How many ladies are going through a lot inside of them.”
“How many ladies have lost their self-esteem, value, and worth?”

“How many ladies are being raped and assault.”
“How many  Ladies have lost their voice, potential…”
“And are just waiting for life to happen.”



To provide a platform for the voiceless woman, rehabilitate, train, and empower, and make her a voice to the society. o.


  • To Provide a platform that will serve as a source of succor to the sexually assaulted woman.
  • To empower women through talent discovery, development, and deployment.
  • To facilitate financial literacy and prudence among women and
  • To encourage abstinence from unlawful sex practices among young girls and also encourage godly living.


Our Core Values

  • Honesty and
  • Love.