Discovery Women

We at PeakLadies believe that every woman is endowed with a talent or even more. But our society and cultural demands have relegated some of these talents while leaving most undiscovered.

We also believe a woman is meant to be a home builder. A Mansory who builds a house builds because there is a skill. The architect who designs the structure of a house does that because there is a skill.

Hence, a woman needs all the skills and talents needed to build up herself, the home and the society. Where these skills or talents are found wanting, the woman becomes deficient.

The Discovery Woman project offers a platform where women especially young girls are given the opportunity to express themselves. Talk shows, seminars, workshops, and conferences are held to treat topics like self-discovery and self-dependence.

The aim of this project is to let the Nigerian woman know that she has a gem hidden inside of her. Not just that, to also give her the resources to help her discover that gem and put it to use.

Fix The Silence

Our Society today is fast becoming busy and overwhelmed with lots of activities. People no longer have time for each other. It’s just about the work and money!

People conceal their pains and they end up taking the hard route. Suicide!

The “Fix the Silence” Project is a platform that gives listening ears to the pained and the grieved woman.


Ladies Piggy

Financial prudence is one of the things we encourage the most at PeakLadies.

We believe that financial prudence is key to financial independence. Hence, the emphasis on the importance of savings.

Savings and investment are what makes up financial prudence. To this effect, we’re introducing the “Ladies Piggy”.

This platform facilitates the savings habit of members of the PeakLadies Community by allowing them to save some percent of their monthly earnings and collecting them after a yearly or quarterly accrual.

Other investment plans will also be rolled out to the PeakLadies community as time goes on.

(No Sex Approach)

According to a report by the Vanguard, about 16 million girls, aged 15 to 19, and some other one million girls, under the age of 15, reproduces annually in developing countries with Nigeria in the mix.

The report further went on to state that complications and difficulties during childbirth and pregnancy are the second causes of death for girls within the ages of 15-19 worldwide.

Also, the prevailing issues of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and other sexually transmitted viruses like HIV and AIDs are not to be taken likely.

Against the Backdrop of the above assertion is the NSA project.

The NSA project is an outreach through various media platforms such as rallies and campaigns at schools, churches rural communities, social media, etcetera, promoting abstinence from illegal sex practices.

The outreach is targeted at mostly teenage and adolescent girls especially those still filled with youthful exuberance. The aim is to educate them on the dangers of illegal sex practices and sex before marriage.

The outreach will also focus on educating the girl child on how to channel energies into meaningful ventures and live a purpose-filled life.

Resourceful individuals will be invited to share life experiences and success stories to motivate the girls.